Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentines Day and DC

Guess where I get to go for Valentine's Day? You guessed it Washington DC!! Steve has a conference out there the whole week before V-day. I am going to join him towards the end of the week and spend a few days sight seeing. This is a much needed vacation with no children!!! I have had a bit of a hard time adjusting to 3 children 24/7 and working full time. Hopefully in the next few months I will be able to cut back at work. But until then.......Yeah for business trips!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kid tag!

So we always do husband tags...why not a kids tag? I thought I would start with the littlest monkey.


Jonah's favorite no particular order.

1. Rookie and Sadie (the Dogs)

2. Candy

3. Any thing physical

4. cuddling

5. Sleeping in!

Things on his to-do list

1. Homework

2. Clean his room

3. test for his next belt in Karate

4. hiding candy in his room

5. sign up for soccer

Snacks he loves


2. granola bars

3. Grips

4. He likes to sneak a sip of my Diet Coke

5. Edamame

5 facts you may not know about him

1. He scored 8 points in his BBall game on Saturday

2. He was second place last night in a contest in Karate

3. He LOOOOVVVEEESSS animals He will even say hello to the fish when he gets home from school.

4. He often tells me "I am the smartest kid in my class". Glad he has high self esteem!

5. He will talk in a funny voice to make us laugh.

5 facts you may not know about him

1. He is very independent

2. He has another loose tooth!

3. His is a head taller than most 6 year olds

4. He is really good at Rock Band

5. He is MY favorite 6 year old!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This week we took advantage of the kids not having school and did some FREE stuff. We headed down to Salt Lake and went to the Beehive house. The kids are just at the right age to appreciate the tour. They listened to every word the sister missionaries said and loved looking in to each room. I can remember going on a tour of the Beehive house when I was little and thinking it was a magical place! All the little artifacts are so neat. We then went to the church history center and looked up our family members. What a fun and free day...well it wasn't all free...lunch and then a movie were also a part of the day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

They did it!

Heather and Matt got married on Saturday. They looked so happy and Heather looked so cute. Heather had me be her "wedding planner". It all turned out well. The women at the golf course, where the reception was held, asked me if I am for hire. That was really exciting for me and I hope this will open the door for what I really love to do!!!

Instead of a sign in book I made a tree for people to hang noted on.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been tagged!

My friend Katie tagged me with a "Husband Tag" it goes!

Steve's 5 favorite things:
1. Me! He tells me I am his favorite person everyday
2. The kids
3. Anything that he can gain knowledge from. He constantly needs info going in to his brain.
4. Music
5. FOOTBALL...Denver Broncos to be specific!

5 things on his to-do list:
1. Finish the basement
2. Go to law school
3. Deep sea fishing
4. Sail a boat in the Caribbean
5. Get a new car...he would prefer a BMW or Audi...right!

5 snacks he loves:
1. Gatoraide
2. Vitamin water
3. Red mango icecream
4. Fritos...I NEVER buy those!
5. Apple

5 facts you may not know about him:
1. He plays the trumpet
2. He speaks Korean
3. He has only 1 sister
4. Every one tells him he has a radio voice and should be a D.J.
5. He had a jazz band back in the day!

5 places he has lived:
1. Utah
2. Texas
3. Mississippi
4. Wyoming
5. Colorado

5 quirky things about him: (oh where to begin?!)
1. He has to have water on his nightstand every night. He leaves the cups in our room. He will have 5 to 6 cups on our dresser at a time. Drives me crazy!! I call him Bo from the movie Signs.
2. He has to have his sheets tucked in tight to sleep.
3. Shrimp gives him the willies
4. He CAN NOT sleep with our reading before hand.
5. He has to set the dryer on some funky cycle because he thinks it dries the clothes better...what?!

I will tag:
Heather Demke...P.S. Heather I need a password to get on to your blog. Help!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The right thing!

Yesterday the dogs and I walked down to the school to walk home with the kids. It was the kids 3rd day at their new school. As I got closer to the school I could hear and see a gaggle of about 15 children playing as they were walking home. As I got closer I could see my three monkeys mingled with in the group. They were having the best time...throwing snowballs at each other...lots of giggling going on. I almost felt guilty that I had interrupted their fun. But it was also so exciting to see them adjusting so well!!! It was a total comformation that Steve and I have done the right thing. The kids have literally been happier than I have ever seen them (and they are generally really happy kids). I am so glad they are with us full time!

Side note: I am exhasuted!! I give a big shout out to moms who work full time! Being 100% in charge of things sucks it out of you...but working all day and then coming home to another job is exhausting! I need to remember to do things for myself.

Friday, January 2, 2009

They're back!!!

Do you all remember our RUDE neighbors that left dog poop in a bag on our front porch??? (see September's posts) Well they are at it again. The latest is they are pounding on the wall (we live in a condo) if they think we are being too loud. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THEM. I don't know how to make things better! I shook off the previous poop episode. I smile and wave when I see them. I even left a Christmas goodie on their front porch. I am at the end of my rope. I told Steve we need to move.....but who can actually sell their homes in this market right now?! Any suggestions on what I should do with my poop leaving, wall pounding neighbors????

Thursday, January 1, 2009


We started out 2009 by delivering food for the Utah Food Bank. I can't think of a better way to start off a new year than to show gratitude for how blessed we have been. This past year our family has been blessed beyond measure. We have seen miracles in our lives. I am always humbled by my Heavenly Father's knowledge that I live and his care for me! We are making a strong effort to be giving people and to treat others how we would want to be treated. The kids said they want to make this a New Years tradition of helping the Utah Food Bank.