Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have this entire week off from work. All I can say is for those of you that stay home I am in total ENVY!!!!!! This week has been so great. I could get used to this. Here are some things that I have been able to accomplish:

1.Can jam
2. walk around the lake
3. Cook dinners
4. Clean my house
5. Bike around the lake
6. Organize a luncheon for the sisters I visit teach
7. Jury duty...thank goodness I didn't get picked
8. Car loads to DI
9. Organize food storage

Still to do:
1. Mani, pedi, facial and massage on Friday ( my Mother's Day gift that I haven't had time to use)
2. Sailing lessons at the lake on Saturday
3. Temple
4. Costco
5. Find new book shelves
6. Look at fabric for curtains
7. More canning
8. Some back to school shopping

I could get used to being at home!!!!!! None of this gets accomplished when I have to be at work!

Monday, July 27, 2009


We took our niece back to Colorado last week and stayed a few days there. We got to hold a big spider named Rosi!
I was surprised at how soft little Rosi was.

Exploring the Butterfly Pavilion.
Cailtin and Alexa playing mind games. This was one of the funnest things we did. You have to calm your self to get the ball in the middle to move to the other person side. I beat Steve!!!
Getting ready to perform science experiments with Caitlin and Aunt Sandi
Hot, hot day at the festival with Aunt Sandi and Caitlin.

We met up with my brother too!
We had a great time and are so thankful to Sandi, Cailtin and Ryan for their hospitality!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cousin in town

Our niece Caitlin is staying with us for a few days. She is visiting from Colorado. We have had lots of fun playing and enjoying summer activities. Of course we had to take pics down by the lake.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

independent kids!

I had mentioned on Facebook that I taught my kids how to do their own laundry. I was inspired to teach them after my friend gave me some info from a book she read years ago. The book teaches you how to raise independent kids....I LOVE independence. Some of you asked for the list. We taught the kids yesterday how to pump gas and Jonah cleaned out the linen trap on the dryer today with out me!!!

Three years
Dress self
Use toilet independent
beginning to brush teeth
pick up toys
say prayers
clean glass windows

Four years

Brush teeth
Make bed and own breakfast
Make sandwiches
Beginning to clean room

Five years
Straighten room
Empty garbage
Set table
Clear table
make own lunch
Warm up canned food
get allowance

Six years
Take shower
Can load dishwasher
Clean sinks
Run microwave
Water plants
Make and answer phone calls

Seven years
Wash dishes
Floss teeth
Clean toilets
pull weeds
Read with comprehension
memorize phone and address
do own hair
begin piano lessons

Eight Years
Groom hair and nails
get up by self
participate in team sports or clubs
Develop personal talents
clean mirrors
get baptized
read scriptures daily
care for pet

Nine years
Mop floor
Clean pictures
bake cakes and cookies
understand emergency preparedness
learn basic first aid
fill car with gas
wash car
vacuum interior of car
hammer nails/saw
cook vegetables
write letters
understand puberty/sex
use e-mail
understand basic science
wrap presents
sew on button

Ten Years
Set personal goals
Play musical instrument
participate in exercise program
rent videos
clean stove and oven
make several kinds of salads
understand basic nutrition
wood use lead blower
plant plants
Do own laundry
write creatively
know articles of faith
place a long distance call
use a pay phone
make a collect call

Eleven years
arrange own haircut
clean refrigerator
Clean cupboards
straighten drawers/closet
sew hems
Bake pies and bread
make several main dishes
iron own clothes
plan own meal
mow lawn
use weed whacker
maintain garden
place credit card call
start basic mission prep
have good basic math skills
Use camera
learn to crochet or knit
clean windows
use internet (filtered)

Twelve years
Plan wardrobe/have basic fashion sence
Develop reading program
read newspaper
Speak in public
understand weight control
make and keep doc/dentist appt
keep personal calender
use common computer programs
order something by phone,mail and internet
read Book of Mormon through
Attend priesthood and young women activities
check fluids in car
Shop for clothing
mend clothing
paint interior or exterior of house
understand basic filing

Thirteen years
Sew simple items
Shop for clothing and other items
find bargains
Plan parties
Have own recipe file
Shop for groceries
Care for e plants
keep a simple budget
pay house hold bills
certify for CPR
type with out looking
go to movies with out parents
understand prescriptions
learn meat-handling rules
learn etiquette rules
clean garage
sell items on internet

Fourteen years
do basic interior design
understand basic food storage
memorize SS#
Understand and use debit card
Learn interest,debt, securities
learn about makeup
Identify business skill to get experience with sales
learn basic civics and politics
accompany parent to vote
perform thorough car detailing
change flat tire
understand basics of car operation
memorize seminary scriptures
put up wallpaper
do simple household repairs

Sixteen years
Get driver's license
understand credit cards
learn retirement plan
resume mission prep
understand interviewing
understand advertising
start career planning
File insurance claim
arrange for car insurance
perform household repairs
assist in purchase of car
open checking account
file tax return
deal with auto mechanics
plan landscaping
pay for and use cell phone
get a job!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We are so proud of our green belts!!! They are moving up in the world of Karate!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!!!

We had a great 4th. My dad came in to town in the morning and dropped off some furniture. Then in the afternoon we went down to the lake and played around for a while. Then in the evening we headed to Sandy city and watched the fire works. Caleb went with Steve's parents in their RV for the weekend. It was strange to only have the two little ones...but very easy!!!
Steve and J-man in the canoe
Lex and I in the kayak
Us waiting for the fireworks to start. And yes I am wearing Alexa's hat....I wore it all day long!! Channeling my inner 9 year old. Well...I just didn't want to do my hair!

How can you resist this face????

Mission reunion

Over the 4th weekend a few of the sisters from my mission got together. I have included some before pictures of us and the pic from our get together. It was so fun to have all the husbands and kids together. We have come along way. I can't remember how I got my hair that big back in the day!!
Out side a church at transfers. Those were the days!!!

Julia, Me, Angie, Tamie and Amber. The only sister I didn't serve with in this picture is Julia. Oh the memories and the funny stories!!

Four eyes are better than two!

Alexa had a check up a few weeks ago and we found out she is blind as a bat. In her left eye she could only see the big E at the top of the page. She was pretty upset that she had to get glasses. I shared with her that when I was her age I wanted glasses and braces really bad! I told her I was jealous because I still want glasses. A little later she told me she was excited to get her glasses. How cute are the ones we found?? I couldn't stop looking at her the first day she had them. So cute and grown up!!!!