Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have this entire week off from work. All I can say is for those of you that stay home I am in total ENVY!!!!!! This week has been so great. I could get used to this. Here are some things that I have been able to accomplish:

1.Can jam
2. walk around the lake
3. Cook dinners
4. Clean my house
5. Bike around the lake
6. Organize a luncheon for the sisters I visit teach
7. Jury duty...thank goodness I didn't get picked
8. Car loads to DI
9. Organize food storage

Still to do:
1. Mani, pedi, facial and massage on Friday ( my Mother's Day gift that I haven't had time to use)
2. Sailing lessons at the lake on Saturday
3. Temple
4. Costco
5. Find new book shelves
6. Look at fabric for curtains
7. More canning
8. Some back to school shopping

I could get used to being at home!!!!!! None of this gets accomplished when I have to be at work!


Tamie said...

some of it still doesn't get accomplished when you're at home...but that is waht is so nice: never really under any serious time crunches so the list can be put aside for a fun day of play every once in a while :) (as long as the "necessities get done anyways--at least for me)
glad you guys had fun in CO!