Thursday, August 6, 2009

My own Vidal Sasoon

I am known for always changing my hair color. You would think the kids would be used to it.

This morning Jonah was watching me do my hair in the bathroom.
He looked at my hair very puzzled and said "So you died your hair red?".
I said "Yep" and then he said "and you meant to do it?"

I guess Jonah doesn't approve of the new hair-do!


Michelle said...

Too funny! Post pics of your new do....before you change it again. hee hee!

Tamie said...

oooohhhh....picture, picture---i want to see the new color!
i've always wanted to go a shade of red---mre dark auburn...but just have never had the guts to do it to myself---dreading the outcome if it isn't the exact color that i want...i'll live vicariously though you :)