Sunday, March 28, 2010

nO mORe BrACeS

This good looking 6th grader got his braces off. He has been such a champ during the whole process and is taking great care of his retainer!

Our little Easter bunnies

Gotta love these crazy kids. Love Jonah's face. He continues to make me life every day! Alexa loves her Easter dress and Caleb is just so handsome!

Manly Man

Steve was invited by some of his clients in Oregon to go hunting. It was perfect timing for him to take a break from work and have a little R&R. He had such a great time staying in a beautiful lodge and shooting guns. Now I just have to figure out how to cook pheasant!

Zip it

I found a fun little project. Flowers made out of zippers. I made this big fun necklace and it has been highly admired each time I wear it. Love big jewelry.

Off track project

What do you do when the kids have a month off from school??? We learned about Volcanoes. We even created our own volcano!!!

We checked out several volcano books from the library. One of the books talked about Mt. Saint Helens. I asked Alexa "Do you know where St. Helens is?" She replied "Tooele?!". We need to get this girl out of Utah!

Science project

Here is a picture of Caleb working hard on his Science project. He was testing to see what cools a soda the fastest. He won the School Science Fare. Then went on to the District Science Fare and won again. Then last week we headed to BYU for the Regional Science Fare.

Here he is anxiously awaiting to see if he won at the Regional Science Fare.
Getting a little support from his bro and sis. The little kids got to make catapults. The the little project for the kids was heaven sent. It entertained them for the rest of the day! :)
Proud papa!
The official project!! Caleb was really sad that he didn't win at the regional fare. We had to remind him what an accomplishment it was to get to the level of competition he had. We can't wait to see what he comes up with next year.

Steve's Birthday

Steve had a birthday in February...I am such a slacker for just now posting. He had surprises all day long. I got the day off work, had a massage therapist come to the house, pulled the kids out of school and we headed down to his parents for lunch. Then in the evening just he and I had a chance to go out. Pretty darn good day for him!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Why do you blog? I have been trying to figure out why I blog and my motives behind it all. I thought reviewing my reasons for blogging would motivate me to keep on blogging. Probably my main reason for blogging was for my family in Oregon so they could see what we are up to. But we have Skype now and we can just show them what we have been up to and see their reactions. Another reason to blog was to keep in touch with my friends. I have Facebook now to keep in touch with all my friends. The last reason was to keep some type of history of my families activities. I geuss that needs to be my motivation. But honestly now that I am working from home I find some many more important things to take up my time. Sadly blogging has become last on the list......But I do have things to MAYBE just MAYBE I will post a few pics!