Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Double digits!!!

Pinky, Lexa Lou, Lou Lou and Peacock are several nick names this little lady goes by. Miss Lou is turning 10 this week. She is just a gem! It is such a joy to watch her learn and grow. She is a clothes horse (wonder who supports that addiction), she is a friend to many and she is gorgeous! She is generally always happy unless she has low blood sugar. She is always up to trying just about anything. She plays video games with her brothers and paints her nails with her BFF...the perfect combination.
Her first birthday package arrived from her Granny B today! A pretty jewelery box and earrings.
She didn't wait a moment to take the new treasure up to her room and fill it up. I actually had no idea she had so much bling!! (wonder who supports that one too??)

Soccer Star!!!

The J-Man LOVES soccer. He announced to me last year that he was going to turn pro when he is 26 :). Gotta love the mind of a 7 year old. He just finished up with indoor soccer. As you can see from the above picture his teammates basically stood there while he did the work. LOL. We are going to get him in to a year round league where try outs are required. Hopefully this will allow him to play with boys at his skill level.

I included this picture to show how much taller Jonah is than the kids his age. The other day some one asked me if he was in 4th grade...nope only 2nd!!