Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Caleb is reading Duncan Sports Illustrated. Duncan was born to the television being on Sports Center. He has no hope growing up with his brothers and dad....he will love sports.
Alexa and Jonah can't get enough of Duncan. I usually have to make deals like "When Alexa is done with her homework it's her turn to hold Duncan". This little boy has not shortage of people who want to hold him....but it makes it hard for me during the day when everyone is gone. He prefers to be held all the time!!!

First bath in the hospital and then at home!

Duncan did not love his first bath in the hospital! Can you blame him? The nurses at the hospital were so sweet to us and to Duncan. The nurse that gave him a bath told us how cute he was! She said there are cute babies and there are sweet babies. She said we should be happy he is not one of the "sweet" babies. I guess that was code for a not so pretty baby :).

All happy after the bath time.
Granny B gave Duncan his first bath at home. He actually loves to take baths.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First days at home

We brought Duncan home a little over 48 hours after he was born. The outfit he is wearing was chosen by his birth mother.
I was so overwhelmed by the love that was shown to our family. On a daily basis we received packages in the mail, cards, gifts and little treasures left on our front porch. It made me cry every time. The above picture if a gift that was left on our front porch.
He had lots and lots of visitors and I wish I had captured each one on film. My mom came and stayed with us for several days.
His one and only cousin came by.
His Utah Grandma adored him.
And both my brothers came in from out of town to snuggle on him!