Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Boy

This little guys turns 7 today!!

7 Things we LOVE about him...

1. He is very funny...he pays attention to what makes people laugh. Currently he keeps saying to me "What now?!?". It's makes me crack up every time.

2. He will try any food you put in front of him.

3. He loves to hear his voice. Sings in the shower, on the toilet, and he even sings to the dogs.

4. He is very athletic. He has been involved in Karate, basketball and football this year and has excelled in all of them.

5. He is a smarty. We have always thought of Jonah as the out going child not the academic child. His teacher corrected us at our last parent teach conference. He informed us Jonah could test for the excelled program the district offers. Wow!!

6. Cuddler!!!

7. He loves animals!