Friday, November 21, 2008


We have sad news at our house...Caleb no longer believes in Santa!!! :( Some kids at school were saying that Santa wasn't real. He came home and asked Steve some questions and the truth had to be revealed. He was a little dissapointed that Santa wasn't real and that also meant that our Christmas elf Paco isn't real either! It is hard growing older!!!! We explained to him that it's all part of the magic of Christmas and that it can still be exciting for him!!!

**Paco the elf: Last year we had one of "Santa's elves" bring the kids some things early for Christmas. The kids wanted to know what the elves name was. Steve jokingly said his name was Paco and the name stuck. Paco has brought things all year long to check up on the kids. His latest gift was Jazz tickets!


Sally said...

I love it!! Paco the Elf? Hilarious.

Michelle said...

Oh, that is a sad day when you realize santa is not real! I feel for him. I need a paco the elf!