Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Kids on The Block!!!!

My friend Michelle won tickets to New Kids on The Block and I got to go with her!!! It was so much fun! Talk about taking you back !!!! The best part was watching Michelle! HILARIOUS!


Michelle said...

Oh my! Love the pics! And thank goodness you can't hear me singing. Phew! Thanks again for going with. I had a lot of fun with you. And we got your cute invite today. You ended up getting them! Awesome!

Sally said...

So I'm trying to figure out your friend Michelle's relation to my friend Jessi. We've got a double connection going on, kinda fun!

Oh, I loved NKOTB. Did they sing all their old songs? Was it an audience full of 30 year olds?!

Lindsay said...

Yes Sally it was all 30 year old women screaming!! It was hilarious! You need to figure out the friend connection! :)