Monday, October 27, 2008


1. I paid $30 less today on a full tank of gas than I used to in July. YEAH!!!

2. I took Heather's engagement pictures yesterday. We had such a good time freezing our rears off at The Temply Quary. It was well worth it. We got some SUPER shots. Thanks Heather and Matt for trusting my skills! I will have to sweet talk her to let me debut a pic. They are top secret! :)


Sally said...

So are you gonna show us the pics? I love that you're taking pics. Remember our search for pic opportunities in Willard? Between the cows, the xmas lights in July, and all the lawn ornaments, we had plenty of material!

Michelle said...

sweet talk her good, I want to see!!! When can I put your photography skills to use on my kids? or maybe some family pics. :)