Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Neighbors Part II

We found out who left the package of love on our front porch! Steve went door knocking and it was our neighbors that live right next to us. The interesting thing is we are the closest to them out of all our neighbors. We borrow things from each other and their daughter plays with our dogs all the time. Steve had a very nice conversation with her :). He explained how inappropriate her actions were and that they need to be mature and talk to us face to face if they have a problem. My favorite part was that he told her "you really hurt my wife's feelings!".

I love Steve for taking control of this issue. He is not one to let any issue go unresolved or to let any one treat me badly. It took me a while to get used to that when we were dating. I remember when we were dating I changed my car insurance. I casually mentioned that the guy I went to talk to made me feel a little umcomfortable. He was creepy. Steve was so upset that any one would make me feel that way. He was ready to go and have a little one on one conversation with they guy. I told him it wasn't necessary. I have taken care of myself/been single for so many years but now I have grown to absolutely love being taken care of. He is such a good protector of our family!

As for my neighbor...I know I need to be the bigger person and forgive her. We will see how quickly that goes in to effect! :)


Michelle said...

So lame! Especially when you think they like you! And yeah for Steve for sticking up for his woman! That is a good man! Maybe you guys need to get a house? So, when are you going to get on facebook? Pretty cool!

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