Wednesday, March 12, 2008


On New Year's Day we decided we wanted a dog. We found Rookie that same day. We all were in love with him at first sight. The kids now have a reading buddy, an extra playmate and something extra special to look forward to when they come to the house. When we ask the kids if they missed us they usually reply "Yes we missed you.....but we REALLY missed Rookie!". Unfortunately Rookie is on my S*$^ list today. I have been able to put up with him chewing on the cabinets, the kids toys, peeing in the wrong places....but today I caught him chewing on one of my bras! He has crossed the line!!!


Lucy, Marc and Katie said...

we have a pug too! He was a BIG handful until we 1) Had him fixed 2) he grew out of the puppy stage (just under 2 years old)

Michelle said...

So cute!!! Congrats on the puppy!