Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pics for Granny B

These pictures are for Granny B. The boys have been asking Granny B to come to town to make them curtains for their loft beds. Due to her busy schedule she hasn't been able to make to town. So I had to break down and sew the curtains myself. The boys think they are fantastic and LOVE having a fort under their beds. If my mom looked at the curtains up close she would pass out....not up to her level of sewing at all.

****mom the other pics are of the comics we framed for the boys room. In alexa's room that is the bulletin board she picked out at Tai Pan and that is where she wanted it placed. I just have to remember it's her room and she can have things where she wants! :)****


Michelle said...

So impressive! Well, not have always been so crafty and stylish! Motherhood is suiting you well! It all looks so great!!! :))