Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Denver weekend

As Steve would say...we visited two holy temples this past weekend...The Denver, Colorado temple and the Broncos stadium! Ha!
My beautiful sister-in-law went through the temple for herself this past weekend. I had the incredible honor to be her escort. It was such an amazing experience.
I thought I was going to be able to hold it together until the sweet little temple worker that was helping her started crying. She relayed to me that she felt the spirit so strongly with Sandi and that she must be a really special person. Sandi is really special. She has been through a lot this past year and she has totally turned to the Lord to be her rock. She is such an example!

Me and my man
The second part of our weekend was continuing the celebration of Caleb's 12th birthday. He received Broncos tickets as a present. Caleb, Grandpa, Steve and Darin attended the game. The day could not have turned out better for them.
Caleb entered this sign in a contest and he won out of 20 other people who were on stage!!! He won an $80 Broncos sweatshirt...and you better believe when we got back in to town he did all his laundry on his own. You may ask why? Because he wanted to wash his sweatshirt. Thank you Broncos!!!
Then Caleb experienced his first plane ride! It was so much fun to experience that with him. Our flight left really late and Caleb was pooped. About 20 minutes in to the flight he was out like a light!


Sally said...

A fun, spiritual weekend, AND a boy that does his own laundry?!? Jackpot for you!

Tamie said...

ok waaaay fun fo ryou guys...but i missed you YET AGAIN!!!!! good grief...(you need to plan your denver vacataions better :))
glad that you had such a great esperience in "my" love those small ones, eh?
hey--you went to a good game--they broncos won this past week :)