Monday, May 12, 2008

My first Mother's Day!!!

A year ago I had no idea what being a step mother would do to my life. I did know some things would change! For example having 5 people in the house means the laundry is NEVER done, when I perfectly place a decorative pillow on the couch it stays there for about 3 minutes, I now have Hannah Montana on my Ipod and find myself rocking out to her alone in my car and speaking of my cute single girl car it has been traded in for a mom car!!!!! But the change I didn't expect was how having children in my life would bring me closer to my Heavenly Father. I have been given a better understanding of his love for each one of us!

The kids were with their mom yesterday. They gave me a cute card, home made flowers, homemade necklace and coupon books on Saturday. And you better believe I am going to redeem each one of those coupons! :) Steve and I had a great time just spending the day together yesterday! We had good food, watched the Jazz game and planted the flowers he gave me for Mother's Day!

It's a whole new world and I love it!!!


Michelle said...

Well, Happy First Mother's Day to you! How fun! I am glad you are enjoying the life!

Andrea said...

Just wanted to let you know I did get your wedding invite. It was sent to my old address. I loved it!